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Sound Bath with Sound Intent

In a sound bath, you are surrounded by the blissful, relaxing, clearing and revitalising energy of the sounds of the gongs. This ‘immersion’ in an ocean of rolling sound waves and layers of tones can promote relaxation, stress relief, tension release and detox. Simply allow the wonderful power of sound + intent to do its work. You will be lying down (fully clothed) during your session. Drink plenty of water before and after the session, and please bring your own yoga mat or a throw and cushion for your comfort. Sound baths are conducted by Satu Taggart, Sound Therapist (MBRCP – Sound Division). One-to-one sound baths are available by appointment.

When: First Monday of each month, 7.45–9.15 pm


Well Woman Yoga with Pippa

Well Woman Yoga is designed for the health and wellbeing of women of all ages. Selected postures and meditations work to tone your core, move your spine, balance hormones and lift your spirits. This is a small and supportive class allowing a high degree of attention for individual needs. The pace is gentle and works deeply. If you want to feel relaxed, balanced and nourished, then this is the class for you.

When: Mondays, 1-2.45pm (term time only)

Text: 07962 424719


Yoga for Midlife & Healthy Ageing with Sue

This is a small, friendly group that provides: gentle postures to increase flexibility, breathing techniques to de-stress and guided meditation for deep relaxation.

No previous yoga experience is necessary. Maximum capacity is 10, so booking is advised. Fees: £10 per class for block booking or £12 drop-in.

When: Thursdays, 7-8 pm.

Contact: Sue Davies

Phone: 07973 612577


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