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Bookings for Parties, Special Events and One-0ff Meetings

CUFOS can be hired for parties and special events at the weekends. Exceptions allowing for hire of a room during the week are sometimes made, but the use of the building by regular groups makes this unlikely. To learn whether you can make a weekday booking, or to obtain information not covered on this page, call 07791 648885, or email

Click here to view a calendar of current bookings. If you are looking to hire CUFOS on a short-term basis (two or more days) during half-term or the summer, please go to Regular Bookings.

All hires include use of the room(s) being booked as well as the kitchen, lavatories, and courtyard. For most parties, hire of the Waiting Room is not necessary, nor is it advised since food and drink are not allowed in that room. Note that the Waiting Room is generally not hire out at weekends because of party bookings in the main hall.

Time slots booked for hire must include whatever time will be needed before and after the party or event for set-up and clean-up. PLEASE NOTE WE WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY BOOKINGS FOR EVENING PARTIES WITH TEENAGERS.

Hire Rates for Children’s Parties Before 6 pm:

Booking Hall: £50/hour 

Waiting Room: £25/hour

Refundable deposit: £70

Note: Saturdays and Sundays only

Hire Rates for Private Parties & Special Functions at any time* **:

Booking Hall: £80/hour

Waiting Room: £40/hour

Refundable deposit: £150

Note: Saturdays and Sundays only

* These rates also apply to children's parties after 6 pm, with an end time of no later than 8 pm (clean-up and exit from the building by 9 pm).

** Please note the following caveats for adult parties: (1) On Saturday nights, parties must be finished by 11 pm and the hirers cleaned up and out of the building by midnight at the latest. (2) On Sunday nights, parties must be finished by 8 pm and the hirers cleaned up and out of the building by 9 pm at the latest.

Hire Rates for Non-profit Fund-raising Events:

Booking Hall: Monday–Friday, £11/hour

   Saturday–Sunday, £15/hour 

Waiting Room: Monday–Friday, £7/hour

   Saturday–Sunday, £8/hour*

Refundable deposit: £50

* - Please note that the Waiting Room may not be hired on its own at weekends due to party bookings in the main hall.

Hire Rates for One-off  Workshops/Courses:

Booking Hall: Monday–Friday, £18/hour

   Saturday–Sunday, £35/hour 

Waiting Room: Monday–Friday, £11/hour 

   Saturday–Sunday, £17/hour 

Hirers who are not regular groups must also pay a keys deposit of £50, refunded after the workshop or course. Please also note that the Waiting Room may not be hired on its own at weekends due to party bookings in the main hall.

How to Make a Booking

All bookings are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, and there must be at least a half-hour between hires. Please note that we do not take provisional hires - and do not assume a slot is available even if it seems to be on the calendar. Follow the instructions below.

  • Please check our calendar for current availability. When you know what day and time you want (including set-up and clean-up time), email:; or call 07791 648885. If emailing, provide the date and timing of your requested booking as well as your name and phone number. If your chosen slot is available you may make a firm booking. If the time slot has been taken, you will be given other possible dates and times. Once you have made a firm booking, you will be sent booking forms and instructions for payment.

  • Booking forms and payment IN FULL (both deposit AND hire fee) must be received as soon as possible in order to confirm the booking

Responsibilities of CUFOS Hirers

Click here for our full Terms and Conditions of Hire.

A few days before your party or event, a duty officer will be in touch to make arrangements for your access to the building. On the day of your hire, you will be given a set of keys to the building. Following are some of your key responsibilities as a CUFOS hirer.

  • Do not use sticky tape or pins to hang decorations on the walls or woodwork; also do not hang balloons on the ceiling fans or light fixtures. Blu tack and bulletin boards may be used for decorations as long as everything is taken down after the party.

  • Keep fire doors unlocked and clear of obstructions.

  • Respect our neighbours by not blasting music or making a lot of noise in the courtyard. Keep doors to the building closed for the same reason.

  • Finish in a timely manner and clean up thoroughly after your party, including mopping the floors if necessary.

  • Bring your own tea towels for cleaning up.

  • Bring your own rubbish bags and take your rubbish away with you. (The bins in the courtyard are for the use of our regular groups and cannot be filled up with weekend party rubbish.) If you use a bag in the kitchen bin, please replace it with one of yours. 

  • Return furniture to where it was when you arrived at the building. Do not leave tables or chairs stacked in front of cupboards or doors.

  • Check the toilets and make sure all lights are out and all doors locked, top and bottom, before you leave the building.

  • Return your keys to the duty officer, as per arrangements made beforehand.

Please remember that the building is run by volunteers and there is no caretaker on the premises. We rely on our hirers to take care of the building while they are using it and make sure it is clean and presentable for the next hirers. If all hirers meet these responsibilities, the building is a better place for all to enjoy.