Regular Booking


Bookings and Rent for Regular Groups


 This page covers all necessary information for both prospective and current regular groups at CUFOS. A regular group is a hirer who uses one or both of the rooms at CUFOS on a consistent basis (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.). For specific enquiries, email us at 


This page also applies to prospective hirers looking to schedule a short-term course of two or more days during the summer or a school term break when some regular groups may not be using the building. Otherwise, those wishing to book something on a one-time-only basis (an AGM, a one-day workshop, etc.) should refer to the Parties, Special Events and One-Off Meetings page.


Please note, while some of our long-term regular groups have periodic weekend bookings, CUFOS restricts weekend use to one-off bookings and private party hire. No new regular group bookings will be accepted for Saturday or Sunday, the hire rates below apply to weekday bookings only.


CUFOS regular groups will be required to pay a one-time-only, non-refundable CUFOS membership fee of £15 and a deposit for each set of keys needed per group. The keys deposit is refunded when the group leaves CUFOS and the keys are returned. Hirers who lose their keys will forfeit their deposit and have to pay a new deposit for another set of keys.


Hire Rates for Non-profit-making Group Meetings and Fundraisers:

Booking Hall: £9/hour (£10/hour from April 2024)

Waiting Room: £6/hour (£6.50/hour from April 2024)

Plus keys deposit: £40

Plus one-off membership: £15

(See also the Single Event page for non-profit-making fund-raising activities hire rate.)


Hire Rates for Fee-paying Classes and Activities:

Booking Hall: £17/hour (£18.50/hour from April 2024)

Waiting Room: £11/hour (£12/hour from April 2024)

Plus keys deposit: £50

Plus one-off membership: £15

(See also the Single Event page for one-off workshops and courses hire rates.)

How to Become a Regular Hirer at Cufos

Check our Facilities page to determine which of our two rooms is best for your purpose.

Check our Timetable of Regular Bookings for current availability in both rooms.


If you find there is availability in the room you want for the time you want, then call 07791 648885, or 

email State your name, the name and purpose of your group, and how much time you will need for your group’s activity (including whatever extra time may be needed for set-up and clean-up). Provide your phone number if you wish to be called. The CUFOS booking officer will then get back to you to make further arrangements.


You will then be sent a New Group User Booking Form, together with Terms and Conditions of using CUFOS, Fire and health and safety regulations. You will need to complete, sign and return the New User Group Form so indicating that you have read and understood the terms and conditions of hire and regulations.


When you become a CUFOS hirer, you will have to pay at least one month’s rent in advance, along with the CUFIOS membership fee and the keys deposit (see Fees above). Upon receipt of your payment, you will receive your keys and be taken through your responsibilities as a CUFOS key holder. Thereafter you will be expected to pay your rent on a regular basis until such time as you leave CUFOS.


Rent and Cancellations

Rent is paid by BACS transfer. The booking form gives instructions on this.


Hirers may pay their rent monthly, quarterly, or by term, according to convenience, as long as it is paid in advance and consistently, without need for reminders of money due. Rent for sessions not used will be refunded only if sufficient advance notice of cancellation is given to the Bookings Officer. If no such notice is given, hirers are obliged to pay for the booking.


Hirers should also inform the Bookings Officer of any suspension of sessions e.g., during term breaks or the summer months. 


Hirers who decide to leave CUFOS should give as much notice as possible to the Bookings Officer and make arrangements to return their keys when they have finished their sessions. Once keys are returned safely, a refund of the hirer’s deposit wil be arranged.


Responsibilities of Regular Hirers

Terms and Conditions of Hire and the responsibilities of Hirers and Group Key Holders are set out here:- Terms and Conditions of Hire.



Regular groups must stick to the time slot they have booked. Hirers must not access the building more than 15 minutes prior to the booked time and leave by 15 minutes after the booked finish time.

Cleaning Up

There is no caretaker on the premises and a cleaner comes in only three mornings a week.  CUFOS is used by many groups so all are expected to keep it clean and tidy. Time should be allowed at the end of each session to clean up, including wiping down tables and countertops; sweeping or mopping floors as necessary; emptying the urn and kettle if these were used; washing up and putting away all mugs and spoons; emptying the fridge of personal food and drink; emptying the kitchen rubbish bin if you have filled it; and putting all furniture away where it belongs.


Fire Doors and Locks 

While the building is in use, two fire doors must be left unlocked.  For Booking Hall users, these are the front double doors and the side door to the courtyard; for Waiting Room users, these are the two doors at the side of the building (from the hallway and the Waiting Room, leading into the courtyard). The top lock may be left on the latch for security reasons, but the bottom lock on the fire doors must always be unlocked.


Regardless of which room is being used, any group aware of being the last one in the building must check ALL doors and the side gate to ensure that the building is secure and everything is locked, top and bottom.



All lights must be turned off before the building is locked; be sure to check the lavatories. 


Please treat the space at Cufos gently, as you would your own. Cufos is a shared building, and it deserves appropriate care and respect so that all may benefit from its space and facilities.